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Fish Advisory Signage
Grant Program
Availability of Phase II Funding for Local Agencies
July 1, 2024

Notification of Phase II funding opportunities.


Through an appropriation to the State Water Resources Control Board, the Budget Act of 2020 (SB 74) provided $480,000 to assist Local Agencies in conspicuously posting health warnings, consistent with Site-Specific Advisories, in areas where contaminated fish or shellfish may be caught, including piers, jetties, lakes, reservoirs, and other areas where recreational or subsistence fishing is known to occur. Fish Advisories are guidelines that recommend how often you can safely eat fish caught from water bodies in California.


Pursuant to Health and Safety Code 116090.7, which was enacted by AB 762 of 2019, Local Health Officers are required to post fish advisories that have been issued by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) for approximately 131 site-specific water bodies in California upon appropriation of state funds.  Prior to the enactment of this requirement and the appropriation of these funds, local agencies were only urged to post these warnings – resulting in sites with no or inadequate warnings of fish contamination.


The State Water Resources Control Board contracted with the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) to assist in the disbursement of these funds to eligible jurisdictions.  Funding was provided on a reimbursement basis for eligible work undertaken.


$449,799.00 has been budgeted for Construction and Implementation of signs.

$212,946.39 was disbursed to local government for the initial contracting period (Phase I). 
$236,852.61 is available for Phase II of the original appropriation was not expended by the initial phase deadline.


In addition, the SWRCB has allocated an additional $50,000 for this signage program and has established a second phase of this program for the disbursement of these unused funds and additional new funds.  CCDEH will again assist the SWRCB in the disbursement of funds to eligible projects over the next year. Total Grant $530,000 from 3/1/2021-3/1/2026.


Phase II Funding Eligibility requirements.


Phase II funding shall be disbursed under the same eligibility and prioritization criteria that were used in Phase I, namely:


  • For site-specific fish or shellfish health advisory has been listed by OEHHA.
  • Funds must be distributed to and passed through the Local Health Officer (defined as the legally appointed health officer or director of environmental health of the city, county, or city and county having jurisdiction over the area in which a publicly accessible body of water is located), as Health and Safety Code section 116090.7 places the requirement to post warnings, maintain signage, and request and receive funding directly on the Local Health Officer.
  • Applications will be scored and ranked, and funding will be distributed as available based on application scores. The prioritization criteria include items below, and the scoring matrix is included in Attachment A.


  • CalEnviroScreen Score
  • Fish Contaminant Levels
  • Estimated Usage
  • Travel time to another water body with an advisory
  • Size of Water body
  • Absence of Existing Advisories/Signs at Waterbody
  • Need to complete signage started in Phase I


Phase II Application and Expenditure timeline.


Notification of availability of Phase II Funds and                       

Solicitation of funding requests from Local Agencies                   July 2, 2024

Deadline for Local Agencies to submit requests for funding           September 30, 2024

Notification of award of funding to local agencies                       October 31, 2024

Work completion/grant fund expenditure deadline                      July 31, 2025


Consequences of not submitting a complete application or not accessing funding made available by the State under this grant.


If a Local Health Officer fails to request grant funding for a fiscal year, the duties imposed on the Local Health Officer’s local agency are mandatory for that fiscal year under section 116090.7(d), so they would still be required to post and maintain warnings, and meet all other requirements placed on local agencies under AB 762 if they do not apply.


Applicable definitions and web links.

  • Article 7 Fish and Shellfish Consumption Advisories 116090.6. shows the following terms have the following meanings:
    • “Local health officer” means the legally appointed health officer or director of environmental health of the city, county, or city and county, having jurisdiction over the area in which a publicly accessible body of water is located, which may include a coastal area.
    • “Site-specific fish or shellfish health advisory” means a consumption advisory regarding fish or shellfish in a specified body of water or area of that body of water, which may include a specified area of coastal waters.
  • Link to OEHHA Fish and Shellfish Health Advisories – scroll down to the “OEHHA Fish Advisories” section where a search can be made by waterbody, county, or species.
  • Link to CalEnviroScreen
  • https://oehha,

Attachment A

Fish Advisory Project

Phase II

Funding Prioritization Scheme: waterbodies with OEHHA health advisories

Prioritization Criteria - Points Applied

1) CalEnviroScreen Score:

Over 50 = 40 points
25 – 50 = 25 points
0 – 25  = 10 points       

2) Fish Contaminant Levels:

3 or more species with “do not consume” advice = 40 points  

2 species with “do not consume” advice  = 25 points               

1 or fewer species with “do not consume” advice = 10 points

3) Estimated Usage (# of Fishers):

Very high = 40 points                                                                      

High = 25 points                                                                      

Medium  = 10 points                                                                

Low = 5 points

4) Travel time to another water body with an advisory:

2 or more hours = 30 points                                                     

1-2 hours = 20 points                                                               

1 hour or less = 10 points

5) Size of Water body:

4000+ surface acres = 20 points                                             

601 – 4000 surface acres = 10 points                                             
0 – 600 surface acres = 5 points

6) Absence of Existing Advisories/Signs at Waterbody

and/or Need to complete signage started in Phase I = 20 points

Total Possible Score:  190 points