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Excellence in Environmental Health Award


Acknowledge outstanding programs that your staff have implemented! Share with others the innovative, creative and effective environmental programs happening in your jurisdiction!


This year there will be two categories of awards: one to recognize an outstanding program not related to COVID-19 and a separate category to recognize the amazing work that was done during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Criteria to be considered for the Excellence in Environmental Health Award include:

  • Innovative and effective use of program methods and problem solving to enhance environmental health in the community.
  • Improvements in productivity.
  • Cost savings.
  • Sustained improvements and excellence, as documented by specific outcomes and achievements, over the preceding three to five years.
  • Successful involvement of people (managers, staff, industry, the public) in reaching the goals of the program.

How to nominate?

Applications must include a description of the program in which sustained improvements and excellence are demonstrated over time.  These attributes shall be documented by specific examples of outcomes and achievements.  The inclusion of quantitative data, which documents results, is encouraged. 

Applications must not exceed 2,500 words in length, not including appendices.  It is appropriate to append supporting materials such as examples of creative and innovative approaches, newsletters, press clippings/releases, and testimonial letters. 

Applications must be submitted to CCDEH by August 30th. Please email them to Sheryl Baldwin at

How to win the award?

The award is voted upon by the attendees at the CCDEH Annual Meeting after presentations by each of the nominees.  Presentations will be on:

Date to be determined: September 24-26, 2024

Voting will be open to the CCDEH membership (that participate in the session that day).

What is the award?

The announcement of the award winners will be made via the CCDEH membership list serv and posted on the CCDEH website:

A nice plaque will go to the winner(s) and you will get added to the list below!


2002: Alameda County, Green Business Program

2003: Los Angeles County, Foodborne Illness Advisor

2004: Los Angeles County – Enhancing Community Safety Awareness

2005: Santa Cruz County – Onsite Wastewater Management Program

2006: Riverside County – Environmental Health Recruitment and Retention

2007: Sacramento County – Food Placard System – Green, Yellow, Red

2008: Solano County – Land Application of Bio-Solids

2009: Riverside County – Public Health Education/Make the Smart Choice

2010: Riverside County – A Proactive Approach to Illegal Dumping

2011: Monterey County - Agricultural Field Toilet inspection

2012: El Dorado County – Solid Waste Management Plan

2013: San Mateo County – Plastic Bag Policy (The bag man)

2014: Monterey County – Food Safety Education Program

2015: San Diego County– Local Food Systems

2016: Calaveras County – Butte Wildfire Recovery Activities

2017:  Placer County – Feeding the Homeless Program

2018: San Francisco City/County – Food Program

2019: San Diego: Hepatitis A Outbreak Response
2020: A 3-WAY WIN: San Luis Obispo County - Surf Sage SLO Program; Santa Cruz County - Consumer Protection Program for COVID-19 Response; San Diego County - COVID-19 Communication
2021: Santa Cruz County - Equitable Enforcement & Permitting from Beach Street Patrol Team
2022: San Mateo County – Augmented Housing Inspection Pilot Program
2023: San Bernardino County - Pool Safety Survey Application

2022 Excellence in Environmental Health Award recipients: Waymond Wong & Heather Forshey, San Mateo County

2022 Excellence in Environmental Health Award Winner San Mateo County