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About the Committee

The Professional Development Committee is one of our newest, yet most important committees. They are responsible for outreach amongst state legislators, local government elected officials, staff, and the public. The goal is to improve positive organizational name recognition, recognition of expertise, and influence in introduction and weigh-ins of policy changes. In addition, the committee is responsible for professional development efforts. This includes support of a well-trained, skilled workforce primarily at the local government level through ta variety of actions. The actions and sub-actions are intended to provide guidance to the Professional Development Committee and associated partners to advance and expand upon existing professional development efforts and materials over the following five-year period, specifically related to continuing education for REHS and EH professionals, EH trainees and interns, and students on an EH career path.

The Committee encourages development of staff through training and education, as well as by providing resources. Check our our Careers page today!

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